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We seek to grow a sustainble future through improving the environment and ecosystem around your home.




Sprout is an all-in-one plant monitor that measures key plant vitals and then displays this information on our website.


Sprout measures sunlight using a sensitive photodiode which can detect when the plant is exposed to direct, indirect or no sunlight.


Plants need water to survive, so Sprout uses a capacitive moisture sensor to measure the volume of water in the soil.



It is crucial plants are in a suitable climate, so Sprout tracks the temperature your plants are exposed to daily within 1°C accuracy.


Humidity levels have extensive effects on plant growth and health, so Sprout measures relative humidity levels of the air with an accuracy of ±2%.


Sprout makes monitoring plants very easy with only 3 steps to setup.

Connect Sprout

Connect Sprout to your WiFi network, then log in to our website. You can then add Sprout to your dashboard by scanning the included QR code or entering the module ID.

Place in plant

Once connected, Sprout automatically begins transmitting data! Just pop it in your pot plant and ensure it faces the area that gets the most sunlight.

Yay! Done.

That's it! Done! Now you can monitor your plant on our website, which not only shows sensor data but also gives insights on when to care for your plant.


This dashboard is the portal to Sprout.

Home Page

The home page of the website allows you to overview all connected modules and add other modules if required.

Module Page

The module page shows all sensor data and graphs this data to give you insight into the conditions the plant is exposed to over time.

Settings Page

The settings page allows you to erase past data, delete the module, customize the module image and change the recommended plant vitals.


Sprout solves so many problems that come with owning house plants.

Battery life

Having to charge your devices is a huge pain! We tried to minimise this pain by making Sprout last two weeks PLUS on a single charge! Not only that, charging takes only 2 hours to complete!


Save your plants

Sprout reminds you when your plants need vital care, which otherwise would result in shrivelled up, lifeless plant. Having this layer of assurance reduces the risk of another one dying.



Although we developed Sprout for house plants, it also works excellent outdoors! Sprout can battle all conditions, and its endless customization allows for further flexibility depending on the use case.



Our website allows you to customize water, sunlight, temperature and humidity requirements. Aswell as customized plant names, images and update frequencies.


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Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to [email protected]

Can Sprout be used in multiple plants?

Yes, you can use Sprout in multiple plants, although the previously recorded data will become invalid. This data is not vital to Sprouts operation but does give you an excellent overview of the plant's conditions over time. You can customize the recommended water, sunlight, humidity and temperature levels between plants to still provide you with accurate information on the plant's vitals.

Is Sprout water-resistant?

Yes. Sprout saves the hassle of you having to remove the monitor every time you want to water your plants. It does this by having waterproof seals and electrics allowing you to water your plants while Sprout is still present. Although Sprout is water-resistant, it cannot handle being submerged underwater, so don't take it for a swim!

How long and expensive is the subscription?

Great news. There are currently no paid subscriptions to use Sprout. You will be able to enjoy the luxuries of smart plant monitoring for free in addition to the original cost of the module. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to any over-the-air updates for Sprout and any new updates to the monitoring dashboard.

How big is Sprout?

Overall, Sprout is very small. The module rises 10cm above the surface, and the remaining 7cm moisture sensor is buried in the soil. Sprout can fit into the palm of your hand and therefore blends in very well with nearly all plants. Inside Sprout we have managed to fit all 4 sensors, but also a lithium polymer battery that allows Sprout to last 2 weeks without charge.

Our story

We built EzSoil from the ground up, and it took one heck of a journey to get to where we are now.


Our lives were too hectic to care for our plants and they kept dying. We struggled to keep them alive in the rush and bustle that is today’s society.


The idea - Sprout 🌱

Our passion for building a sustainable future sparked an idea. Why not bring our ecosystem to our fingertips?

We then developed Sprout, an all-in-one monitor that lets you track your plant’s health at a glance. You can take a few seconds to check your plant’s vitals and prevent them from becoming the lifeless, shrivelled up plant they would have become. You can built a network of Sprout’s throughout your ecosystem and develop a flourishing environment in your home.


Our mission

Sprout is one piece of a huge puzzle that is EzSoil’s mission; Building a sustainable future one plant at a time.

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The hard work and dedication that has been put into Sprout is incredible, and they are developing a product that is shaping up to be one of the best and most exciting.

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